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Smart Cook Thai Cookery School in Aonang, Krabi
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Smart Cook is one of the professional Thai Cookery School in Aonang. You will learn the art of Thai cuisine 7 dishes with friendly knowledgeable Thai cooking instructors. Cooking is done in our clean open-air kitchen and everyone has their own cooking station and wok. Class size is limited to 12 peoples in order to maximize individual attention. We guarantee you a unique and enjoyable learning experience• Learn how to cook rice & sticky rice. In Thailand, rice is the essence of life. Rice usually appears on the table at every meal. Thus, cooking rice is one of the most important parts of Thai cooking. • Learn just how easy it is to cook deliciously authentic 5 dishes Thai food. Everything will be provided for you and we will give you a recipe book for you to keep.• Making sticky rice with mango famous desserts in Thailand.• Dine on your creations after the class. Receives a culinary certificate. Include transportation to and from your hotel.

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